LJT:Lori Jonathan Trio

Living By Faith is the Motto for LJT

Early in her life their mother Lorraine was a choir director, member of the Niagara choral club, soloist and later study opera that influenced her daughters greatly.  Lori came along, started to sing, also later to study at the Toronto Conservatory of Music and opera At University of Buffalo.  Accepting Jesus into her heart at an early age, she sang in a Trio with mom, Lorraine and cousin Karen Jacobs Enloe.

Lori went on to sing in various choirs, a soloist and continue to sing through out her life.  Vicki accepted Jesus into her heart at an early age.  Vicki sang harmony in the Jonathan family group, she sang in various choirs and also study opera at Buffalo State College.

Crystal remembers accepting Jesus into her heart when she was five years old when Lori finished singing in concert in Pennsylvania.  Crystal directs a small choir at her church, became a soloist in various church youth groups and study under her mothers direction.  She enjoys playing bass guitar and writes music.  In 2005, the Johnson Quartet invited the Lori Jonathon Trio to sing in a concert, Grand Island, NY, with a group called the Northmen.

After a phone conversation with Alan Godsey, it was his encouragement to the sisters/girls to make a CD.  Their first two recordings were with Daywind Music, Johnny Sansom, to which they are very thankful for all their help and kindness.

Now 2012 they have started a new CD project with Homeland Entertainment, with Scott Godsey & Associates.  We are thankful to Jesus.  Without Him in our lives, we are nothing.  Hebrews 12:2, is a verse so close to our hears....."Looking unto JESUS and the author and finisher of our faith".  Keep your eyes on the Lord and in His word, this our daily strength, not in people or possessions, in Jesus.  We are thankful to Lord Jesus for every Mountain, Valley and Victory Won.